Q. Why do I need a guide?

Ans.: A guide can provide you authentic information about city’s history, culture, customs, weather, best time to visit different monuments and detailed information about the monuments.

Q. Why one should book a Guide from your Association?

Ans.:Our Association provides the services exclusively of Regional Level Guides who are well educated, experienced and professionally trained and approved by Department of Tourism, Government of India.

Q. How many types of Guides are available in India? What is the reason behind it?

Ans.:There are three types of guides available in India.

1. Regional Level Guides are licensed and Approved by Department of Tourism, Government of India. Only Regional Level Guides are authorized to work in all the monuments and museums and Archaeological sites of India (Delhi, Haryana, H.P., J & K, Punjab, Rajasthan, UT of Chandigarh, U.K. & U.P. States).

2. State Level Guides are licensed by a State Government and are allowed to work in the monuments and sites which are under State Government.

3. Monument Guides are licensed by A.S.I. They can only work in a particular monument.

Warning: Some unauthorized persons also try to illegally work as guides and they are not allowed in the monuments.

Q. Why different Guide Books mention negative things about guides?

Ans.:Some of the “Guide Books” written by Free Individual Travelers discourage the tourist to trust guides, as far as shopping is concern. We believe that these writers availed the services of unauthorized persons acting as guides and were forced to go to some unapproved shops for obvious reasons.

Q. Why some hotels offer free Guide and Car for Shopping?

Ans.:For obvious reasons.

Q. Why guides insist for shopping at a particular/specific shop only?

Ans.: Most of the Travel Agents / Tour Operators have tied-up with a shop in every city. Guides are obliged to follow their instructions to stay in business.

Q. Can we see Local market or shop other then Big Emporium?

Ans.: You can always tell your preference about shopping to your Travel Agent and guide will follow the instructions. If, you book a guide through this website, Guide will be free to show you any place of your choice.

Q. How can we get knowledgeable, experienced trustworthy approved Guide?

Ans.: Book a guide through our website and feel the difference.

Q. Can we change itinerary for Local Sightseeing? How flexible guides are for the same?

Ans.:You can change your itinerary for local sight-seeing as per your convenience bearing in mind that Friday is the rest day for Taj Mahal.